This database of prices, wages, and transport costs in public construction in Yunnan province in the Qianlong reign has been set up in cooperation of the Seminar für Sinologie und Koreanistik, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Germany, and the Institute for History of Natural Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing. The participants of our project group were Chen Chaoyong and Su Rongyu from Beijing, and Christine Moll-Murata and Hans Ulrich Vogel from Tübingen. We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Max Planck Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften e.V., Germany.

Data input was done by Zhang Songmei. Christine Moll-Murata and Chen Chaoyong helped with translations. Our thanks go to Mrs. Wang Chunyan 王春燕 (Duisburg) who proof-read all data. The database has more than 2,800 entries.

In case English terms for building materials remain to be clarified, Hanyu pinyin is given as a preliminary rendering. An English-Chinese glossary for all occurring terms is under construction.

The Harvard-Yenching Library kindly provided us with a copy of this edition. It is an official printing in ten chapters which carries the same editorial material as the Gansu and the Zhili editions. The second prefatory memorial gives the date 20th day of the XII month of Qianlong 33 (Jan. 27, 1769). This work covers 23 prefectures and 72 districts.

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Chapter 1: Yunnan
Chapter 2: Dali
Chapter 3: Lin’an
Chapter 4: Chuxiong, Chengjiang
Chapter 5: Jingdong, Guangnan, Guangxi, Shunning
Chapter 6: Qujing
Chapter 7: Yaoan, Heqing, Wuding, Lijiang
Chapter 8: Yuanjiang, Pu’er, Menghua
Chapter 9: Yongchang, Yongbei, Kaihua, Dongchuan
Chapter 10: Zhenyuan, Zhaotong
Transport costs








卷一 雲南府
卷二 大理府
卷三 臨安府
卷四 楚雄府、澂江府
卷五 景東府、廣南府、廣西府、順寧府
卷六 曲靖府
卷七 姚安府、鶴慶府、武定府、麗江府
卷八 元江府、普洱府、蒙化府
卷九 永昌府、永北府、開化府、東川府
卷十 鎮沅府、昭通府